Mobilise without compromise

When it comes to enterprise mobility, having it all can seem impossible. M2K makes it easy to unlock innovation and facilitate modern workplace outcomes – without costly trade-offs.

Mobilise your workforce

Ensure reliable access to corporate information from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Strike a balance between internal and externally located resources.

Shift the management burden

Streamline asset reporting and lifecycle management activities. Accurately forecast device costs and return on investment and ensure predictable monthly spend.

Realise maximum value

Adapt to change and stay at the leading edge of mobile technologies. Use analytics to improve and innovate.

Maximum performance, minimal headaches

M2K sets the bar much higher than just delivering standard mobility services. Through Intelligent Insights, application analytics and business process automation, we support organisations to achieve their strategic objectives. Our customers regularly report outcomes such as cost savings, productivity gains and an improved ability to respond to change.

Why M2K?

Unlike other providers that focus solely on mobile device and application management, M2K’s Mobility Services are designed to meet overarching strategic objectives. We are also agile enough to respond quickly to changing customer needs, plus we have deep technical and business expertise to tackle complex issues.

Invest the time upfront to learn about your business

Recommend and deliver customer-centric, holistic solutions

Create digital workspaces that support your organisation to thrive

Achieve real, measurable outcomes

Become part of your technology journey

Harness data to make informed recommendations and support business efficiency

Empower your mobile workforce and drive business evolution.