Achieve world-class connectivity

Whether moving or adding premises, addressing security threats or managing a remote workforce, sourcing high performing, integrated technologies is an ever-increasing challenge. Technology, staff and customer expectations have evolved. Those who can connect effectively, maintain a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

For businesses, robust and future-proof connectivity between apps and legacy systems has never been more important. Does your IT team have the knowledge to provide your business with the best available network connectivity?

Understand your real time data traffic requirements

Scale your bandwidth to support business performance and improve user experience.

Leverage your existing IT investments

Maximise the value of legacy systems and infrastructure in support of organisational goals.

Provide actionable insights using available data analytics

Understand the business and financial impacts of your current technologies and infrastructure.

Smart advice for proactive connectivity solutions

Our connectivity experts are immersed in new technologies every day, across a multitude of industries. They bring together the proven ‘best of breed’ tailored recommendations to:

Design and build a network tailored to your business

Ensure suitability of your routing and switching infrastructure

Plan your network disaster recovery

Provide you with insights into network utilisation

Advise on the benefits of public versus private networks

Keep you abreast of emerging technologies, such as Telstra programmable networks

Provide you with access to global network connectivity

Provide end to end project management for data network rollouts

Why M2K?

Our highly experienced team of specialists partner with Telstra to deliver robust data network and connectivity solutions. We address your issues, save you time, remove your risk and ensure you avoid costly pitfalls. We overlay the options against your business objectives, and staff and customers’ expectations.

Invest the time upfront to learn about your business

Recommend and deliver customer-centric, holistic solutions

Create digital workspaces that support your organisation to thrive

Achieve real, measurable outcomes

Become part of your technology journey

Harness data to make informed recommendations and support business efficiency

Connect effectively and increase your competitive advantage.