Business beyond borders

The way that people connect, communicate and collaborate is changing. Enabling staff to work from anywhere at any time affords powerful productivity benefits. Business that refuse to adapt to this changing landscape risk being left behind.

Migrating communication and collaboration tools to the Cloud opens a world of opportunity to reimagine how your business operates. Seamless integration between communication channels drives efficiency, productivity and employee engagement. It also provides a cost-effective solution to improve customer service.

Empower your organisation to achieve flexible and integrated ways of working

Combine the best of Cloud technology with a mobility strategy tailored to your business goals.

Connect your staff and customers with integrated communication and collaboration tools

Bring together email, telephony, audio and video-conferencing, instant messaging and more, on a single platform.

Realise significant cost savings and productivity benefits with next generation phone networks

Staff can receive a call at their desk and seamlessly continue the call from their mobile as they travel to their next appointment.

Benefits-focussed collaboration solutions

M2K sets the strategic and technological foundations for your organisation’s journey to the cloud. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that your employees and customers can understand and embrace.

Enhanced productivity, with staff able to work anywhere, any time.

Better employee engagement and a truly flexible workplace culture.

Improved teamwork supported by advanced collaboration tools.

A better and more streamlined experience for users and customers.

Less disruption and risk to users and customers.

Reduced IT and telephony costs.

Why M2K?

We focus on more than just platforms. We offer bespoke end-to-end solutions to achieve your organisation’s collaboration and communication goals. We evolve platforms to improve employee engagement, user experience, customer experience, service availability, continuity across locations and devices, and support systems and services.

Invest the time upfront to learn about your business

Recommend and deliver customer-centric, holistic solutions

Create digital workspaces that support your organisation to thrive

Achieve real, measurable outcomes

Become part of your technology journey

Harness data to make informed recommendations and support business efficiency

Make productivity a priority.